The World Wakes


Word on the street…
Varrock bears the largest burden in defending The Land from the evil that plagues both the Wilderness and Morytania…

King Roald rules the city of Varrock, and all of Misthalin

Much is traded with Falador and Al Kharid through Lumbridge.

Trade agreements are the visible extent of Varrock’s relationships with other nations. For the most part, the kingdom of Misthalin itself is self-sustaining.

A wide variety of religion is accepted.
Worship of evil is heavily frowned upon, but punishment often does not follow through as of late…

Palace Grounds:
Home to Varrock’s Palace, Library and the Queen’s Gardens.
Entry to the innermost parts of the palace are restricted, as they are the King and Queen’s home.

Grand Bazaar:
Merchants travel from afar to barter their wares here.
All kinds of goods, from all kinds of races can be found here.

Decrepit and forgotten, the slums of Varrock are the likely home to thieves and other trouble makers.
The Varrock guard manage to keep them sectioned within the southern parts of the city, for the most part.

Lumber Yard:
The largest lumber yard in all of Gilenor.
Holds a near monopoly over the industry.



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